Create FTP accounts and Enable FTP Access

For secure personal cloud storage or to have a place to upload your websites contents, you can enable FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access from any FTP Client. We reccommend using FileZilla, since it is secure, free and compatible with Mac's or PC's.

You will need:
1. Click the FTP access button on the site you want to enable it on. You can enable it on multiple different sites.

2. Click "Add an FTP Account" 

3. Fill in the fields with the details for your FTP account, and press "OK"

4. Once the account has been created, your nearly done! You just need to configure your FTP Client. Here is an example of the correct hostname, but the username/password can be anything you have set it to when making the account.

Furthermore, we reccommend the correct security settings are used when connecting to FTP. We recommend that you do not use plain text FTP access mode, since it is insecure.

Instructions for FileZilla, which is a supported secure FTP client:

1. Click sites in the top left of the window

2. Fill in the relevant server information, ensuring that encryption is enabled

You may get a certificate error once you've saved the configuration. This is normal, just press "OK" or "Continue". You will also want to always trust the certificate, so it will not keep on popping up.



Congratulations! You will now have access to your FTP account to be used on your website.
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