FyfeWeb Hosting - Summer 2019 Update!

The team at FyfeWeb have been working incredibly hard lately, especially on our Client Area, with a Brand-New Design, which has been in the works since March 2019. The updated client area has been designed to be different compared to before but appear and feel so familiar. We've also made some adjustments to our service plans to make them more ... 閱讀全文 »

9th Jul 2019
FyfeWeb Yearly Update - 2018

Thank you for using our services. I'm writing this announcement to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Here's what's made 2018 the best year we've ever had at FyfeWeb: On January 3rd 2018, we introduced FyfeWeb Advanced web hosting services. This moved us into the Web Hosting industry, as we had primarily been ... 閱讀全文 »

28th Dec 2018
Latest Updates

Since the last announcement we made, a lot has changed. We have recently migrated from a resource demanding Windows IIS web server environment to an ultra-efficient Linux environment. As a result of this upgrade we felt it was necessary that our existing network connection was upgraded. So, we upgraded our core network connection, which is now ... 閱讀全文 »

5th Jul 2018
Server infrastructure changes

We have now changed our infrastructure over for FyfeWeb Advanced onto some brand-new hardware. We are certain that you will notice dramatic speed improvements when performing resource intensive tasks on your hosting account.However, for the first few days, speeds may be slightly slower when performing certain tasks. This is because we slowly ... 閱讀全文 »

29th Apr 2018
Domain Registration

We are happy to introduce domain registration on FyfeWeb Advanced. You can now register your own domain, for a fee starting at £14. We hope you enjoy this new feature.

FyfeWeb Advanced IT Support team

13th Feb 2018

Web Hosting Information for Clients 

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10th Jan 2018