Since our last update in July of 2019, we have invested, changed, expanded and developed significantly. We now have national presence in more than four, geographic and carrier diverse internet data centres around the U.K. to ensure resilience, availability and stability. Further to this, we have released some new services over the last year and we have made further plans for some major website updates, further infrastructure and network upgrades, projects and much more for the future.

For our network; the scale, complexity and capacity has increased at an unprecedented rate. We have gone from a national multi-gigabit network to a fully-fledged, fully redundant National 10Gbps+ MPLS Network (with multiple wavelengths for redundancy) with carriers who have an International reach & presence whom of which include Telia, NTT, Cogent & Level 3. We have also implemented industry-leading DDoS Mitigation, which has a capacity of at least 1.5Tbps+, ensuring that your mission-critical websites, servers, applications etc. are protected from the ever-growing threat from Denial of Service Attacks. DDoS Attacks can cost businesses tens of thousands of pounds in lost revenue, sales, compensation and more due to services, website and applications being unavailable – and this is something that we want to change.

For our infrastructure; we have invested heavily into Solid-State Storage and Tier 1 Vendor Equipment; this includes HPE, Dell, Juniper and Cisco, which has allowed expansion and improvements with immense reliability, availability and quality of services. We have also amplified the presence, availability and scalability of our Windows & Linux Cloud Hosting Clusters which means customers can count on FyfeWeb to provide a reliable, secure and scalable solution. Our Web Hosting Platforms are industry-leading and we leverage our scalable and reliable network, Tier 1 hardware, innovative software & services like cPanel, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux & LVE, Jet Apps and much more including the latest security mechanisms and updates to provide an unrivalled service.

If you have any questions or to learn more about what we do, or how we can help you or your business, please visit our website at: or our client area:

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