Enterprise brand-name hardware, designed for the ultimate hosting experience.

We're starting to introduce our line of dedicated servers, designed from the ground-up for performance and reliability. We maintain the hardware, network and data centre hosting environment - whilst you focus on running your server. Multiple Operating System types are available, such as VMWare, Proxmox VE, many Linux distributions and Windows Server. Multiple add-ons, such as extra memory and IPv4 ranges are available if required.

Dell PowerEdge C6220 1 موجود است

2x Intel Xeon E5-2667 @ 3.5Ghz Boost (12 cores & 24 threads

128GB DDR3 ECC Memory

3x 240GB SSDs

1Gbps Network Port

High Quality Network Blend

/30 IP Range (2 usable IPv4 addresses)

3.5Tbps DDoS Protection